sclx on discord


Feb 27, 2024

Since SCLX's start in 2007, we've leveraged technology to facilitate member connections. 

Initially, this took the form of a bulletin board/forum. With the rise of Facebook Groups, forum participation dwindled, leading us to eventually phase it out. Despite their popularity, Facebook Groups are limited by algorithms that control content visibility, and not all members use Facebook. 

In order to provide a way for YOU to have access to the information and discussions YOU want, we are setting up a DISCORD server for the club. 

If you are new to Discord, take a look at the quick links below to get you up to speed. We'll all be learning together but for many we think it will be like getting back on a bicycle.

Functionality in our server will be in various types of channels. We are thrilled to provide this functionality, understanding the importance of seamless communication in a centralized space.

Install the DISCORD app on your phone, tablet, computer, or all of them, and we eagerly anticipate engaging in future discussions, inquiries, feedback, suggestions, and more.


We understand that our DISCORD may not be for everyone, so, feel free to connect or (re)connect via our Facebook or Telegram Groups.