The time has come. We held on to that old website from December 2009 a little too long.

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FEB 20, 2023 | Continue To Be The Example

We hear the comments from time to time, "I wish SCLX hosted more events like we use to". There was a time we hosted two or more events a month for years. With the way the car scene had deteriorated in the past five years, we have to be very particular in the events we host and the locations we choose. 

The night before our March 2019 Central Meet & Greet a group of people were doing donuts in the Target parking lot. As a result the property managers shut the lot down to our gathering. Ten years of goodwill and cooperation lost because activities we were not involved in.

This recent story from Austin TX is a reminder of why we are so very appreciative of the SCLX family and how you conduct yourselves. Continue to be the example of what an enthuiast community should be.

JAN 01, 2023 | Our Sweet Sixteen (2007-2023)

It started on the forums. 

Then a few of us gathered in each others driveways. 

Then a cruise to Galveston. 

Then getting kicked out of an event because our cars were "too" modern. 

Then we started SCLX in May of 2007. 

The cars have gotten more powerful and the relationships have grown stronger. 

You Are SCLX 🚀